Biomass Balance

TRIPLElite BMB is a new product that is using a breakthrough technology.  

Produced 100% out of biomass feedstock TRIPLElite BMB is the future of sustainable PU foam production.


We are recycling the technical waste from our foam production into a new rebound foam.

TRIPLElite Recycled is made of 90% recycled material and is a breathable HD PU foam.

Zero Waste Production

A more direct approach of our sustainability philosophy is the use of high pressure machines in our foam and injected insole production.

Zero waste production cycle. No need to use cleaning agents and solvents. This is our way to protect our employees  and environment.

Made in Europe

Another way to make more sustainable products in our opinion is to source our raw materials from suppliers who are producing in Europe, reducing the C02 footprint.

TRIPLElite product lines are all Made in Europe.