Density Meets Comfort


Introducing TRIPLElite, our signature thermo-moldable, flexible PU foam, available in various densities and hues. Crafted with premium raw materials sourced from European providers, TRIPLElite is a proudly 'Made in Europe' product.

This local sourcing strategy significantly diminishes the CO2 footprint of our offerings, aligning perfectly with our steadfast commitment to sustainability. Embrace TRIPLElite for an eco-conscious, high-quality solution in foam technology.

High density foam insoles

TRIPLElite injected

Experience the pinnacle of precision with our PU foam injected insoles, soles, and midsoles, all derived from top-tier European raw materials. Our state-of-the-art high-pressure machines ensure an exceptionally efficient production cycle with zero waste.

By utilizing these advanced high-pressure systems, we not only enhance the quality of the mixture but also achieve a solvent-free, environmentally friendly manufacturing process. This meticulous approach eliminates the need for cleaning agents in the mixing heads, further solidifying our commitment to sustainability and superior quality.

Injected insoles