TRIPLElite – our new PU open cell foam insoles material

High quality open cell foam insoles with extra elongation and compression set

We started today the production of our own open cell foam insoles material – TRIPLElite. The main characteristics of this thermoformed insoles are as follows:

Life Cycle
TRIPLElite elongation characteristic enables a longer life cycle than other products in the market

TRIPLElite remarkable compression set ensures an excellent cushioning and fit inside the shoe, providing maximum comfort in daily use. Together with the elongation characteristic it enables a better a longer functionality.

TRIPLElite PU structure enables a continuous air flow helping to optimize the climate of the shoe.

TRIPLElite is a lightweight open cell foam with high cushioning and breathability functions.

TRIPLElite offers a great moisture management. It helps to keep the foot drier and brings his addition to the overall shoe climate.

TRIPLElite is washable and can be used after this at normal parameters.