TRIPLEdimension – the new PU injected insoles material

injected insoles material TRIPLEdimension

The injected insoles you have to have in your sport activity shoe. Boosts your performance. Ignites your passion.

We are really proud of our achievement to start the production in such a short time of injected insoles. With this goal achieved we can offer our customers a greater range of injected insoles made according to their needs.

TRIPLEdimension: a new dimension of insole material.

Energy Return

TRIPLEdimension provides significant energy return through springy response as well as a substantially cushioned ride.

TRIPLEdimension remarkable compression set ensures an excellent cushioning and fit inside the shoe, providing maximum comfort in daily use. It provides the same cushion and response regardless of the temperature outdoors.

TRIPLEdimension rebound parameters ensures a great energy return. Because of this it makes you feel lighter and the effort you put in your motion activity is reduced and supported.

TRIPLEdimension elongation ensures a very long life cycle. Together with all other properties you will get the best possible insole for your sport activity shoe.